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Wroclaw – a city with over a thousand year of tradition is a gem of south-western Poland, that is being discovered a new by tourists from Poland and abroad. Here, history meets modernity. Wroclaw is currently the most desired meeting place for people of culture, science, business and also students, and tourists. The process of unifying Europe that is in progress in the last decades makes it easier for the people living on our continent to discover forgotten or unavailable treasures of European culture.

In Wroclaw history had entwined the fates of Polish, Chech, Jews, Hungarians, Austrians, and Germans. Nations, religions, and cultures mixed together so well, that today it is hard to tell what is done by who. After WWII Wroclaw saw the meeting of the residents of different regions of Poland, who (and in particular those who lived in Lviv – today in Ukraine) created present, unique character of the city.

 Wroclaw is also one of the most important meeting places for the authors of Polish and European contemporary culture. Museums, cinemas, numerous cultural centres, big and small galleries, festivals, exhibitions. All of these show the richness of cultural life in Wroclaw and the constantly changing offer provides a chance to familiarize oneself with newest trends in art.
Contemporary Wroclaw is lively, modern industrial and cultural centre, which strongly influence the development of Lower Silesia. Thanks to its location on the Odra river, Wroclaw has many picturesque islands and over 120 bridges.  Enchanting cafeterias, pubs, and restaurants encourage our guests to go outside to meet their family and friends.
Constantly growing amount of hotels and places for official meetings and recreation, makes business and science people choose Wroclaw as their meeting place. It is because the capital of Lower Silesia made its permanent place on a map of the most dynamically developing cities in this part of Europe.Wroclaw is not one of the anonymous cities – sights, which you can see here stay in your memory forever. Magical places like the Main Square or Ostrow Tumski make people want always come back  again.



Centrum Informacji Turystycznej we Wrocławiu

"Centrum Informacji Turystycznej"
czynne od 9.00 do 19.00
Rynek 14, 50-101 Wrocław
tel. + 48 ( 71 ) 3443 111 ; fax + 48 71 344 29 62
e-mail: info@itwroclaw.pl


"Krasnalowa Informacja Turystyczna"
pon.-niedz. 10.00 – 18.00
Sukiennice 12, 50-107 Wrocław
tel. + 48 ( 71 ) 342 28 98 ; fax + 48 71 342 28 98
e-mail: dit@orfin.pl


"The Meeting Point"
czynny od 9.00 do 21.00 Rynek 14, 50-101 Wrocław tel. + 48 71 3443 111 ; fax + 48 71 344 29 62 e-mail: info@itwroclaw.pl